Does 360 Total Security slow down computer?

Answered by Carlos Peters

360 Total Security does slow down my computer. I have personally experienced this issue on my own computer. When I installed 360 Total Security, I noticed that my computer took longer to boot up. It seemed like the software was running some background processes that were causing a delay in the startup time.

Not only did the boot time increase, but I also noticed that file transfers within my local network were slower when 360 Total Security was running. When I tried to transfer files between my computer and other devices on my network, the transfer speed was noticeably slower compared to when I didn’t have the software installed.

Another issue I encountered was the lack of a firewall module in 360 Total Security, despite its name suggesting that it provides total security. A firewall is an essential component of any comprehensive security software, as it helps protect against unauthorized access and malicious attacks. Without a firewall, my computer was more vulnerable to potential threats.

Additionally, one aspect that bothered me about 360 Total Security was the abundance of advertisements displayed within the software. These ads were quite intrusive and appeared in various places, such as the main interface and even during scans. It felt like the software was more focused on promoting other products rather than providing a smooth and efficient user experience.

Based on my personal experiences, 360 Total Security does slow down the computer. It affects the boot time, file transfers, and lacks a firewall module. Moreover, the excessive advertisements can be quite annoying. Therefore, I would recommend considering other security software options that may provide better performance and a more comprehensive range of features.