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In the high profile and fast-changing generics market, generics and biosimilar companies and manufacturers need to make timely, data-driven decisions. Our industry experts and data scientists help make sense of the vast amount of market performance, API, patent, and regulatory data so you can continue to broaden patient access to medicines and keep the engines of innovation going.

With access to insights on supply chain, market share, patents and exclusivities, and more, our solutions help you identify new portfolio opportunities, plan a stable supply chain, maintain regulatory compliance and stay ahead of the competition.

How we help

Generics intelligence

  • Have confidence you’re making the most informed IP, sourcing, portfolio and business development decisions using reliable and integrated data in a single, easily searchable solution
  • Strategically develop your portfolio, identify new launch opportunities, maintain a stable source of API supply, gain insight on when drugs lose exclusivity and monitor your competition
  • Detailed understanding of US and LATAM market share intelligence including sales, volume and prescription insights

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Global pricing intelligence and trends

  • Inform product selection or portfolio rationalization with comparable currency and historical pricing data
  • Gain a better understanding of market dynamics, dose form advantage and reimbursement trends
  • Up to 5 years of historical process for 80+ countries and regions

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Supply chain planning and maintenance

Create and maintain a stable supply chain by identifying and evaluating potential partners.

Identify partners – buyers or sellers – that meet your specific criteria, including manufacturing status, capabilities, regulatory filings, inspections and more.

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Regulatory intelligence and compliance

  • Maintain compliance with regulatory guidelines and evaluate the impact of recent changes on internal standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Compare regulations across your existing markets and new markets in which you’re looking to enter
  • Features regulatory intelligence covering 80 countries and regions

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CMC intelligence

  • Simplify access to regional governance and reduce research time with a single source of global chemistry, manufacturing and controls (CMC) requirements
  • Reduce the risk of regulatory delays and rejections with easy access to CMC requirements for multiple submission types and pharmaceutical forms
  • Features more than 130 countries, territories and organizations

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Branded product intelligence

  • Monitor the drug landscape, identify future portfolio candidates and strategically prioritize your portfolio so you can focus on maximizing ROI and improving patient outcomes
  • Make sense of the vast amount of drug development intelligence with broad and deep drug pipeline data providing a complete picture of future portfolio candidates
  • Predict the likelihood and timing of drug launches in the United States, Europe and Asia with statistical modeling methodology and machine learning-based predictive analytics

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