Ideas to Innovation - Season Two

Democratisation of startups in the healthcare industry

About this episode

The healthcare industry worldwide is changing. Hospitals and health systems in many countries are struggling to control costs, increase revenues, train and retain skilled employees and treat and care for patients. In the business of health care, new approaches and ideas are coming to the fore as part of this journey to transform healthcare and ultimately change patients’ lives.

In this podcast, our guests Mike Ward, Global Head of Life Sciences and Healthcare Thought Leadership at Clarivate, and Jerry Harrison, A member of Talking Heads, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will talk about the democratisation of startups in the healthcare space, where the new approaches to investment connect financial and human capital to healthcare startups as a community that shares knowledge, interest and passion for healthcare innovation. And we’ll examine how innovation is bringing some startling ideas to life.


Jerry Harrison
Co-Founder of three Bay Area based companies
RedCrow, The Main Stage, and Ophirex

A songwriter, musician, and producer, Jerry Harrison was a member of Talking Heads, one of the most critically-acclaimed New Wave rock bands of the 1980s. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2002. Today Jerry is active in the business of healthcare as a co-founder of three Bay Area-based companies including a direct investment platform for innovative healthcare startups.

About Ideas to Innovation Season 2

Hear inspiring stories told from a personal, on-the-ground perspective from the people who were there from the start, who are most passionate about the positive outcomes they helped deliver. These are stories about innovation that, by the end of each episode, you can’t help but think: “Wow, they really did that?”