Rebels capture several towns from IS in northern Aleppo

Current Situation 4 April 2016. Source.

After a couple weeks of trading territory back and forth with Islamic State forces in North Aleppo, a rebel offensive that started Thursday night has made significant gains. By Monday 4 April, the coordinated rebel groups had taken eight towns, and about 70km of territory from IS. The offensive is being led by the Hawar Kilis Operations Room (named for a town in the area), made up of a number of factions local to north Aleppo, including the Sultan Murad Division, Faylaq al-Sham, the likely U.S.-supported al-Moutasem Brigade, and others. The offensive is being assisted by Turkish artillery strikes, as well as some Coalition air support. Al-Moutasem Brigade's military commander has stated that the goal of the ongoing operations is to take the border town of al-Rai, which will be used for staging future attacks into IS territory. Unconfirmed reports have begun to come in alleging that rebel forces have already begun storming al-Ris.