Jabhat al-Nusra publishes video of captured pilot

Jabhat al-Nusra's media network 'The White Minaret,' has published a short video regarding the Su-22 shotdown earlier today. It shows both the crash site and a brief interview with the pilot, verifying earlier reports that they had captured him. The pilot is reportedly Col. Squadron Commander Khaled Saed, from Latakia (source has editorialized the news).

In other related news, it's appearing more likely that it was Ahrar al-Sham who shot down the Su-22, using MANPADS. Ahrar al-Sham has allegedly had the surface-to-air weapons systems for more than six months, using them to shoot down an SAAF plane on 13 March. It's not clear whether they got them from a foreign supporter, or through a fellow rebel group with foreign backing.