The Levant Front publishes multiple TOW videos from fronts across Aleppo

On 10 May, the local Aleppo faction Jabha al-Shamiyya, or the Levant Front, published eleven different videos of TOW strikes on government targets. The Levant Front's use of TOWs is a relatively new development, and coincides with the group's use of FSA branding over the past several months. Previously, the group was an indepedent, moderately-Islamist group, fighting alongside an ideologically diverse host of allies. The group's official Twitter account profile picture (see: below, right) now includes the revolutionary flag, as well as the old Levant Front logo inside a 5, representing the 5 years since the uprising. The Levant Front's press releases now include the official Free Syrian Army header. In the videos released on their official Youtube channel, one can see the old Levant Front logo, the revolutionary flag, and the Fatah Halab coalitions room logo. The shift towards FSA imagery and the use of TOWs is likely no coincidence, as aligning itself with the FSA image is beneficial in recieving international support.


The Levant Front began as a coalition of several of the most important non-FSA factions based out of Aleppo, including Liwa al-Tawhid, Harakat Nour al-Din al-Zenki, Fastaqim Kama Umirt and Jaysh al-Mujahideen, in late 2014. This coalition soon split apart, though the former Liwa al-Tawhid elements continued to use the name and logo. The Levant Front is now one of the most significant rebel factions in Aleppo, active in the Azaz pocket, the northern and western suburbs of Aleppo, as well as the southern Aleppo front, from Khan Touman to al-Eis. Ideologically, Liwa al-Tawhid had ties to the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood. Due to its very local nature, it can probably be assumed that Levant Front membership includes a range of ideological orientations, from democrats to more hardline Islamists.

The locations of Levant Front activities over the past several months. Source.

The locations of the Levant Front's recently posted TOW videos. Source.

Video of TOW shot in the al-Zahraa district, published on 10 May.

Video of TOW shot in al-Humayra, southern Aleppo, published on 10 May.