Good Thinking

how to think figuratively (metaphorically and symbolically), and • how to think ironically (and I mean that seriously). Good Thinking will give your mind on-going opportunities to ask itself a variety of thought-provoking questions in ...

Good Thinking

Good Thinking

Despite the fact that youre holding this book in your hands and reading these words, you may at the same time be thinking that you dont really need any book to tell you how to think -- or even to try to teach you how to do it any better than youre already doing it. Perhaps youre even saying to yourself that thinking comes naturally, that you do it all the time, and that you dont need to think about it. Its a no brainer. Or, heres another possibility: could it be that you know that thinking can be hard work, so why even bother wondering why you have this book in your hands? Surely the author of Good Thinking is about to save you all that mental trouble and tell you why youre still reading these words; let him do the work! And so I will (but just this one time): if it is true -- as popular wisdom frequently reminds us -- that a mind is a terrible thing to waste, then the basic belief of this mindful self-improvement book is that what we familiarly call good thinking is what you accomplish when you put your mind to it; in short, if you mind your mind, you can, in fact, become the best possible thinker you can be. To help you improve your present ability as a thinker, Good Thinking is structured to give you both clarity in and practice with the key thinking skills and attitudes that produce everyday good thinking in our personal and professional lives. These skills and attitudes are explained, exemplified, and reinforced throughout the books fourteen manageable chapters with such empowering prompts as Mind Set, What Do You Think?, Reflections, and Assessing Your Thinking. Through structured activities, you will teach yourself how to get your mind to go from Huh? to Hmm to Aha! The subtitle of Good Thinking seeks to tell it as it can be and will be for you if you work with Good Thinking to stimulate your mind to think again! --Robert Eidelberg

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A large part of our everyday communication involves argumentation and reasoning--for example, when we want to persuade others, make good purchasing decisions, or analyze the messages we receive from advertisers and politicians. But how well do we prepare students for these tasks? Can they critically evaluate a speaker's point of
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Despite the fact that youre holding this book in your hands and reading these words, you may at the same time be thinking that you dont really need any book to tell you how to think -- or even to try to teach you how to do it any better
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