The Burning Ones

believe that God is raising up the Burning Ones in this hour. Their hearts will burn for the lost. They will long to see the mandate of the Great Commission of God fulfilled. They will carry the fire of God's love and compassion for ...

The Burning Ones

The Burning Ones

Burning Ones is a call to action. Christians will be encouraged and motivated to consider seriously stepping in the role of “burning ones” and “dread champions” to spread the Kingdom of God in the earth. Vivid and detailed descriptions of these champions are given throughout the book, supported with biblical examples and modern-day personal experiences, including real-life healings worldwide. Each of the seven chapters concludes with “Burning Questions” designed to stimulate thought and action, followed by a space for the reader to record “Your Response.” A “Prayer to Get You There” connects the reader with the Lord in a genuine way that caps the vital issues covered in the chapter.

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