The Captain

“The crew's content, Captain,” the pirate spoke, letting himself down on an easy chair in front of his superior. He was taller and broader than the captain. A few years older, his voice rose crisp and secure.

The Captain

The Captain

1595. Puerto Rico. The Aquino Plantation is a world of wealth, tradition, and loyalty to Spain. For sixteen year-old Soledad it is a world of empty rituals and hypocrisy. Until the night she is captured by pirates. The night she meets Captain Luna Negra. Luna Negra is a pirate. He lives in a world of violence and betrayal. His life has been dedicated to the destruction of the Spanish rule. Until he meets Soledad. Now, their lives can no longer be the same. Soledad must face what it means to be a lady of Spain, the fiancee of headstrong Captain Rodrigo de las Rosas, and a silent member of a society trapped in the past. Luna Negra must question his place as the leader of his men, his part in a society that shuns him, and his blind desire for revenge. United in their search for freedom, Soledad and Luna Negra must find their true destiny.

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