Gold Mirrors and Tongue Reflections

The Cornerstone Classics of Chinese Medicine Tongue Diagnosis - The Ao Shi Shang ... tongue with white fur and black maculae 130–1 tongue with white fur and ...

Gold Mirrors and Tongue Reflections

Gold Mirrors and Tongue Reflections

Two of the major texts in the history of tongue diagnosis are presented and put into context in this volume, reaffirming the strength of tongue diagnosis as a core diagnostic method. These key texts are made available to western readers for the first time, with typical, traditional Chinese editions reproduced alongside the translation. The author provides an excellent overview of the tongue diagnosis theories in the major classics prior to the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368), and discusses significant developments and publications. The Gold Mirror Records, first published in 1341, was a popular manual for centuries, appearing in many editions and variations. Tongue Reflections in Cold Damage, first published in 1668, developed the field of diagnosis as a whole by adopting the analysis of tongue colour as its main principle. Both texts are introduced with meticulous English translations and notes. This seminal text will give practitioners and students of Chinese medicine a sound understanding of the theory and practice of tongue diagnosis from the early texts, and will be of interest to academic readers of classic Chinese texts.

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