What Do You Say to Someone in an Elevator

For example, if I simply ask what they would say to someone in an elevator I get an entirely different answer than when I ask what should someone (someone ...

What Do You Say to Someone in an Elevator

What Do You Say to Someone in an Elevator

What do you say to someone in an elevator? This book could have been titled: Uncomfortable, Embarrassing Moments, or Awkward Occasions, or A Guide for the Unbelievable Shy, or You Can Choose To Be Painfully Politically Correct and Shallow In All Social Situations. It is not just about what to say to someone in an elevator. Rather it is about all of those awkward occasions in which we find ourselves at a loss for words. This is particularly difficult when we are in a time bind with only a few minutes, or in some cases a few seconds, to say something or do something to relieve the tension or bring humor to an otherwise awkward situation. Wakes, funerals, lineups, parking lots, public transits, taverns, hospitals, waiting rooms, airports, the homeless, the handicapped, professors, clerks, civil servants that arent so civil, and the like all provide us with the opportunity to reach out and touch somebody in a human, caring way. It is my wish that by the end of this book all those who chose to read it will gain some insight into why these events are so difficult. We can also ask ourselves what we can do to bring some humor to these clumsy moments so as to make them more tolerable, and maybe even, more enjoyable to ourselves and others. We might even arrive at the day when we would not simply be ready to respond to these ungraceful moments but to actually anticipate and look forward to them. I wish! I have work worked and studied through the USA and Canada for over forty years and most of the stories told here are from my personal experience in awkward or embarrassing situations in too many communities to mention. This book is important because it deals with lost opportunities in life when we have the opportunity to reach out and touch others in situations that are often uncomfortable or awkward for most people. Judging from those who have read a copy it seems that everyone can relate to those situations. The book will have wide mass appeal to teenagers and seniors and all those people in-between. What Do You Say To Someone In An ElevatorK FAQ Why did you write the book? The reason words are so important is because of the difference we can make in the lives of others with just a few well chosen words. This would seem especially true in those awkward moments in life when we only have a few seconds or minutes to say or do something that can touch another human being deeply. What is the focus or theme of the book? Awkward occasions that make us uncomfortable are a common, almost daily occurrence. They happen in line-ups at the supermarket, in hospital waiting rooms, at the bank, in elevators, at airports lounge or waiting areas, in airplanes, and in dozens of other situations. Why are they so awkward and is there anything we can do to prepare for these occasions to make them more tolerable? What do you say to someone in an elevator tackles this common dilemma that every human being has faced many times in their life. Why is it important for people to read this book? People who read this book will be encouraged to think outside the box about their own behaviour and how they can influence others in difficult or awkward situations. They will also be encourage to prepare for these situations in order to take better advantage of them. What makes this book different from others on humour? This book does not attempt to create situations in order to be funny. It simply takes advantage of those situations that occur several times every day when, if we were to think about it, we could laugh at ourselves or others in a kind and gentle way. Words that describe the book? X Humourous X Dealing with awkward moments or occasions X Preparing for uncomfortable moments X How to handle embarrassing moments X A guide for shy people Was this the original title you had in mind? No. My first title was What to Say to Someone in an Elevator. However, the more I thought about this the more I real

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What do you say to someone in an elevator? This book could have been titled: Uncomfortable, Embarrassing Moments, or Awkward Occasions, or A Guide for the Unbelievable Shy, or You Can Choose To Be Painfully Politically Correct and Shallow In All Social Situations. It is not just about what to
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